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White embroidery

Paolo Ceribelli

100cm x 10cm x 100cm


Painted plastic soldiers, glued on canvas and presented in a plexiglass box, unique piece signed by Paolo Ceribelli, 100x100x10cm,


The delivery time for this work is 7 to 10 days.

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About the artist


Paolo Ceribelli

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Paolo Ceribelli, born in 1978, began his artistic career with work around painting and modeling. It was in 2006 that his research led him to the use of plastic soldiers, universal toys that delight children and adults. The soldiers offer Paolo, beyond their playfulness, real stimuli towards darker realities. Paolo magnifies them, immerses them in monochromatic baths and transforms them into involuntary protagonists of his work, grouping them, organizing them on the canvas, forming maps, territories, alignments or other targets, producing visual or kinetic effects. The works are three-dimensional, endowed with multiple interpretations. From aesthetics to political strategy, they echo contemporary society.