Galerie Barrou Planquart

Résultats de traduction Art has always been part of my life. The creation of a contemporary art gallery therefore became obvious in October 2010. At the gallery, we represent emerging and established artists, endowed with a strong and unique identity. Our artistic line, resolutely happy, is part of an urban, enthusiastic and creative pop movement. Fully immersed in the contemporary world and pop culture, our artists describe society through subtle, skillfully descriptive and deeply realistic works. Often, they use beauty, humor and surprise to immerse each of us in the heart of their artistic intentions. The process is effective. When lightness is associated with the principle of reality, enthusiasm is a pleasant preliminary to reflection.

We exhibit the works of artists at the gallery and participate in many international fairs. Our website is also a space that links us at all times to French and international collectors who follow us around the world.

Virginie Barrou Planquart

Visit by appointment only.

To obtain information concerning the artists of the gallery or the works presented, please contact us by e-mail, by telephone or via our contact form.

The gallery is located rue de Paris in Montlignon (95680) – France

+33 (0)6 82 03 09 56