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Box story That's all folks

Box story That’s all folks


Mixed media

34cm x 24cm x 6cm

Pièce originale singulière dans une édition de XX exemplaires

Original miniaturist work featuring a scene made from a printed image and plastic figurines. The work is displayed in a wooden and glass box, signed and numbered, limited edition 12, 34x24x6cm, Gaspard Mitz


The delivery time for this work is 7 to 10 days.

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About the artist



Inspired by 1/87 scale model figurines, Gatz created his first Box Story in 2010 as a gift to his girlfriend. Self-taught, encouraged by enthusiastic feedback on his box stories, he has enjoyed setting up miniature characters in grandiose situations ever since, that are sometimes amusing and sometimes poetic. He invents custom-made prospects, makes multiple nods to art history, and captures comical situations.

Admiring Japanese aesthetics, he builds his scenes in sober, uncluttered universes, working with a selection of materials: wood, polystyrene, foam sheets and paper.

Gatz likes to divert the figurines from their primary function, inventing a custom-made destiny for them. The humor and poetry of the moments he freezes in his boxes are reinforced by the titles that accompany them.

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