Stéphane Gubert

Jan 6 – Feb 5, 2022

Stéphane Gubert is one of those artists for whom creating is a vital act, an extension of his sensitivity, his emotions and his experience.
In each of his series of paintings, we find a unique identity marked by a palette of colors, a line, and popular codes. His style is inspired by the great masters who nourish and fascinate him and to whom he likes to refer and above all to pay tribute to Roy Lichenstein, Hervé Télémaque, Erro, Jean Dubuffet, Valerio Adami …
Each of his works thus tackles a theme, a daily life, a fragility, a deviance from our society or news that animates, touches and affects him. Modest and sensitive, he offers several degrees of reading of his work. At first glance, aesthetics dominate the work to better hide the message and the meaning like a treasure hunt.
Between painting, comics, graffiti, popart, with a style that is ultimately unclassifiable… its DNA is there: serious work that does not take itself seriously.