Benjamin Pietri

  • 20x26cm
  • 13x19cm
  • 20x26cm
  • Boba Flett, 20x26cm
  • C3PO, , 20x26cm
  • Chewbacca, , 20x26cm
  • Darth Vador, , 20x26cm
  • Leila, 20x26cm
  • Luke Skywalker, , 20x26cm

Benjamin Pietri who was born in 1978, create his boxes from entomology pieces and vintage figurines from the Star Wars saga. The characters published by the Kenner brand from 1977 to 1985 are associated by analogy with beetles or butterflies.
In this neo-cabinet of curiosities, each character finds his bestial avatar, his winged mount, his coat of arms or his combat partner for an intergalactic odyssey.

Glazed wooden boxes
Emalene bottoms
Needles entomological