JM Collell & François Bel

April 23rd to May 31st, 2021,


We are very happy to host a new exhibition featuring two great artists.

François Bel’s work is influenced by street art, from which he borrows its system of repetition and variation, “New Realism” movements, Dada and Pop Art, for the way they subvert daily objects in order to criticize today’s consumer society. In a society where everything happens increasingly quickly, Bel stops time for an instant in his works.

Jm Collell sculpts 2D hyper-realistic portraits by using the technique of cross-hatching. The features of his characters are recreated with such precision that one can see a realistic photograph emerging from a distance. This savoir-faire requires keen attention to details so that the shapes and shades can create these striking monochromatic images.

May you enjoy your 360 visit and come back to us for any further information,