Modern girl

November 10 – 27, 2016

We are proud to exhibit the last photographic serie by Dina Goldstein, canadian photographer internationally known, regularly awarded.

VANCOUVER, B.C. – Award-winning, pop-surrealist photographer Dina Goldstein is releasing her latest photo portrait series, Modern Girl. Inspired by Chinese advertising posters of the 1930’s, Modern Girl examines identity, gender roles, diasporic cultures, and consumerism.
By re-imagining iconic Chinese advertisements to critique the beauty, health and wellness industries, Modern Girl investigates how traditional gender roles, and individualistic consumer values have constructed and used women’s bodies to market and sell products.
According to Goldstein, the visual source inspiration of 1930’s Chinese advertising posters is central in capturing the tensions of past traditions and the push for modernity: “The breaking away from filial tradition in this era saw the emergence of Asian women coming into their individuality,” says Goldstein. “At the same time, modern gender roles and expectations opened the door to exploit the female form for marketing and advertising campaigns.”
Much like her previous notable collections, Fallen Princesses, In the Dollhouse, and Gods of Suburbia, Modern Girl is a continuation of Goldstein’s use of satire by way of photography to investigate contemporary social issues, history, pop culture, and themes of identity and gender.