Anna Bocek

Aug 30 -Oct 7 2021,

Everything that surrounds me inspires me, although one of the most important sources of inspiration and the strongest driving forces of artistic activities has undoubtedly been the theatre. My creative path started with working in the theatre, but more than the theatrical space I was intrigued by the human being that existed within it. My fascination with this subject manifests across my entire paint-ing, not only in the way of expression, intense colour, of comparing almost realistic figurativeness with abstraction or the dynamic representation of characters, but also in treating paintings as a sort of study of human moods. As a result of presentation such strong, diverse emotions, I often create larger formats and even expand them by adding additional panels while experimenting with the combination of strong, decisive colours.
In principle, anything can become a theme and inspire me to create something new: a film, a book, situations from everyday life, observed interpersonal interactions, art and travel to new places as well as new people. However the most important and at the same time the strongest aspect of my creativity are emotions. I create intuitively and so in order to express them I subconsciously choose appropriate expressions, symbolism and dynamic colours The reality that I am showing is not a faithful reconstruction of what surrounds me. It’s a world built anew through the prism of my own feelings and experiences, a record of my observations of human nature.
It seems to me that the symbolism in my paintings is quite obvious: beauty and apparent gentle-ness complemented with strength and independence. On the one hand, physical beauty and on the other hand, the internal force which is symbolised by powerful, resized hands and strong arms, and the whole is emphasised by dynamic brush strokes and intense colours.