After studying at l’ESAG-Met Penninghen and ENSAD,both located in Paris, Popy-Loly de MONTEYSSON completed her studies with a cursus in Philosophy at the Catholic University of Paris.
Popy-Loly next explored the universe of dramaturgy with Eugenio Barba, a renowned theater director and professor at the Odin Teatret, at the International School of Anthropologie in Denmark. She further explored movement of the human body, as well as scenography set-up, with professors at GITIS in Moscow,
aka the Russian Institute of Theater Arts.
Her artistic experience covers a wide range of expertise which includes theatrical decoration and costumes, illustrations of scenes and artistic direction for specific stage props. At the same time, Popy-Loly continued her design research and art exhibitions in sculpture, drawings and the setting-up and decoration of stage
scenes in many countries worldwide before returning to France. Her principal drawing tool is the BIC pin on fine art paper and implements embroidery and the use of different textures in her works.