Graffiti artist, Jo Di Bona explores the theme of the portrait on walls or on canvas through an iconic and very colorful style, at the crossroads of Pop Art and the world of Street. According to a unique technique called “POP GRAFFITI”, the artist combines the tag, the stencil and the cutting of paper to create hypnotic works whose subjects are revealed in a striking game of movement, relief and unveiling. Starting with “traditional” graffiti that he enhances with pop patterns and covers old posters or paper prints printed from photos, Jo imagines “sampling” of images that he tears and then tears in certain places to reveal them the different layers. Emblematic figures of history, cinema or pop culture, faces of anonymous children or heads of wild animals, his portraits – always iconic and universal, if not socially engaged – then take shape in a whirlwind of details and contrasts borrowed from the codes of urban art, the work of Warhol or that of Rotella.