Inspired by 1/87 scale model figurines, Gaspard Mitz created his first Box Story in 2010 as a gift to his girlfriend. Self-taught, encouraged by enthusiastic feedback on his box stories, he has enjoyed setting up miniature characters in grandiose situations ever since.

Gaspard Mitz has always been keen on jewel cases-objects, such as music boxes, cuckoo clocks and the works of artist Joseph Cornell. Being a great admirer of Japanese aestheticism, he sets up his scenes in sober, uncluttered atmospheres, and works with selected materials: wood, polystyrene, foam sheets and paper.

Gaspard Mitz likes to divert figurines from their original functions, by shaping them tailor-made destinies. The humoristic and poetic moments he captures in his boxes are enlightened by their titles.

Box Stories are limited-edition pieces handcrafted by Gaspard Mitz in Paris.

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